What is a Mind Coach? Mindshift to Mastery

What is a Mind Coach- How can this help?

What is a Mind Coach?

and how can this help you?

Mind Coaching

The Role Of A Professional Mind Coach

Mind Coaching is a specialized area of guidance that helps you overcome unwanted behaviours, redirect energies and attain goals.

The philosophy of a professional Mind Coach is based upon the premise that you want to create your life intentionally, that you want to stop struggling with issues and instead, build momentum towards effective and long-term changes in your life.

  •   Mind coaching is not therapy.
  •  Mind coaches do not work on psychological “problems” or get into the past or focus on trying to understand human behaviour.
  •  Mind Coaches focus on strengthening clients’ skills and coping mechanisms, primarily through the power of the subconscious mind.


Coaching Arenas

Coaching takes the client in new directions by providing solutions that go to the seat of behaviour, the subconscious or unconscious mind, replacing those embedded scripts with new and beneficial ones.

It guides the client towards developing new skills, accelerating change and hard-wiring alternative ways to act deeply in the subconscious.

A Mind Coach:

  •      Helps you discover what you really want out of life.
  •      Helps you to gain clarity and focus to produce results more quickly.
  •      Provides you with the tools and strategies to be more.

As a Mind Coach, I assist clients to build roadmaps towards change and assist them to accomplish specific goals by providing strategies that overcome conscious objection (what you think).

People hire Mind Coaches because:

  • They want to effectively deal with life’s issues and redirect their focus and energy.
  • They want to build focus and inner strength in their lives.
  • They want to manage their life with choice and intention

Why do Successful People have Coaches?

Sports Coach

To become better at what you are doing or so you have more confidence to do the things you want to do in life.

There are loads of different types of Coaches for all kinds of different areas of peoples lives and having a coach will change your future.

Everything begins in your Mind

It’s kind of weird when you think back to when you were very small and you learned to walk.

When you think about it, you probably never considered it was in your mind 1st.

We all take these things for granted, like using a knife and fork, holding a spoon correctly, learning how to hold a pen so you can learn to write correctly and loads of other things can come naturally to humans and all of the things we learn come 1st from thinking, even if we don’t remember thinking about each thing we do.

As an infant we are spoken to, shown how to do things, read to, encouraged by peers, parents, teachers etc so we learn and all the information is stored in our subconscious mind so if it is fed put-downs, harsh criticism, abuse(physical and mental), these things can be detrimental to the way you live your life.

Having a Mind Coach will allow you to move forward, leaving the “crap” where it belongs and it will give you the tools you need to live a happier life, be a better sportsperson, excel at what you love and depending on what is holding you back(your mind) having a Mind Coach will help you release the old stuff that doesn’t serve you so that you are able to go on to live a much more positive, happier, independent life being you.

You were born unique and perfect and it wasn’t until influences( Parents, Teachers, Peers, sometimes so-called friends) got into your mind and created the negative thoughts and behaviours that are holding you back from being the beautiful person you already are and have forgotten about along the way and this is totally understandable due to
“past” circumstances.

Goals and Coaching with Mindshift to Mastery

Having your own Mind Coach will help you to let go of the”wrong thinking” and begin each day with a new positive empowering, lasting positive change and a mind that can’t be bullied anymore.

I use the word “bullied” and maybe this is a bit harsh but I just don’t get how people can speak down to others, treat others negatively and behave in a way that causes anyone to feel bad about themselves in any way.

Well, I do get it. People have been conditioned to behave a certain way and those people also need Mind Coaching to help them learn a better way. Negative behaviour is NOT ok because it messes with the mind if you let it. 

Notice I said if you let it. So how do you stop the negative thoughts and behaviour patterns you are so used to?

Get a Mind Coach and work together to break through the barriers holding you back and see how life is for you after you have done the Mind work.

“Everything begins with a thought”

Mindshift to Mastery Programs

Mental strength refers to a specific mindset that empowers individuals to create change in their life and allow a person to overcome adversity, stick to a plan, achieve peak performance and persevere through difficult circumstances.

Turning Point 101 is an 8-week program to help you: ( The length of this program can be extended)

  • Acknowledge your Strengths, your qualities and your weaknesses
  • Manage anxiety and nervousness
  • Use visualization to see create images of success
  • Learn how to focus and remain focused
  • Increase and maintain confidence
  • Improve and maintain levels of motivation
  • Relax under pressure
  • Set and achieve goals
  • Manage energy levels – time management or a personal plan
  • Recover quicker from setbacks. Learn to accept challenges and move forward.

There is also The 21 Day Challenge coming up in June and this is going to be a game-changer for people so enrol via email if you are interested in the challenge.

The 21 Day Challenge is a group coaching with a small group of people giving each person the opportunity to learn the strategies to change old patterns that do not serve you and give you the tools to start each day doing what you enjoy while feeling positive and energised to keep moving forward.

I hope you join us here at Mindshift to Mastery and if you have any questions, please ask them below in the comments section or email vicki@mindshifttomastery.com and I look forward to connecting with you.

Thank you for visiting Mindshift to Mastery and I hope you have bookmarked the site or clicked the allow button to receive updates on what is going on here.

We will never send you spam we promise as this is NOT how we roll hare. 🙂

Remember- You are a wonderful human being who deserves to be the best you can be so let’s get moving forward.

Man on a mountain peak

Vicki Crawford

Mind Coach with Mindshift to Mastery

24 thoughts on “What is a Mind Coach- How can this help?”

  1. I know a couple of peopleelioel who have mind coaches and really the idea behind the concept is a very good one. The truth is that in this world, it is. It possible that we all work the work and do things on our own. Sometimes we need people who have gone through some things and have a vast knowledge of life as well. Maybe someday I too can eventually be a life coach.

    • Hi Henderson

      Yes, famous people have mind coaches, sportspeople, teachers, students and everyone else in between.

      Having a Mind Coach can make a huge difference in someone’s life and Mindshift to Mastery has been in business since 2003 and we love all we do for our clients

  2. Hi ! I never knew we could actually use a mind coach. I found your article very interesting. I know that psychologist may be boring for some people as they use the whole past of the person, but mind coach seems to be totally different and I’d love to try once to see what I can get from it. Thank you very much for sharing.

    • Hi Lauranne and welcome here in Mindshift to Mastery and I hope you enjoyed my post.

      Yes, a mind coach is different than a psychologist as we always work in the now and to the future.

      Going back into stuff I have learned can often hold people back there and often they get truly stuck and can’t get out of those dark places and dark feelings. This is not where people should go.

      We have all had “stuff” happen to us and if we dwell there, it can be to our detriment.

      I love mind coaching and working with people, watching them go of the “stuff” and really living n the now is one of my biggest pleasures and for them as well.

      Thanks so much for visiting and please email me if you would like some coaching. Let’s have some fun

  3. Aloha and great post on Mind Coaches.

    Personally I didn’t know the difference between a mind coach and other life coaches, but I recently met a friend who is actually a mind coach and he taught me a lot. He also does a lot of work with hypnosis and strengthening skills and coping as well. 

    I think one of the most important factors that mind coaches help people focus and find inner strength in their lives.

    Thanks for sharing. I am going to share this with him. I’m sure he’ll be happy!


    • Hi Lorenz and welcome to Mindshift to Mastery

      Yes being a mind coach is part of being a life coach but specialises in working with mind control as so many people really do get stuck in the past or stuck with lack of self-belief and getting help with this is vital if they want to move forward and keep going that way.

      I would like to connect with your friend so ask him to get in touch via my email as he sounds interesting.

      Thank you

  4. Hi, Vicky.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the importance of Mind Coach. I personally think that a mind when engaged in total negative thoughts and stressful environment like the current pandemic, can not think beyond its current limits set as per individuals will power. The mind coach can enter into this dark phase and bring some light. Is your course includes some fee or one can join straight away for a free consultation?
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    • Hi Gaurav and welcome here at MTM.

      I don’t believe a course is needed for this type of coaching and I work with small groups and individuals and also teams of people.

      Yes a mind coach is a great passion for me and if you ever need a hand please reach out and thank you for stopping by today

  5. Hello,Your guide is very helpful everyone. Now I know that mind coach helps us to discover what we really want out of life. Your article helped me to have a mind coach in my life. I am planning to have one soon. Coach gives us positive direction. As we know that everything begins in our Mind. Mind coach plays an important role to setup our mind. Thanks for your lovely suggestion and guide.

    • Hello Prithvi. Good to connect with you and if you want some coaching please reach out and we can work out a plan together.

      I look forward to working alongside you as you remove any blocks you may have.

  6. Wow! What a concept. Thank you for this awesome article on what is a mind coach. This sounds like something I could benefit from greatly. I should really find a way to make Turning Point 101 happen. I’m sure that this would do wonders in my life. Instead of asking how can I afford to do this I am asking myself, how can afford not to do this. I will find a way. Thank you for this. 

    • Hi Russ and Congratulations, taking the 1st step to your emotional freedom

      I am looking forward to working alongside you to help you break any barriers you have so let’s get started

  7. Hi and thanks for this enlightening piece about what a Mind Coach is all about Vicki. 

    I like to think that the mind that’s not coached is either the most or least easily influenced. This can be on the extremes of having one that’s like an unchained monkey (for lack of a better expression) hoping from one thought to the next or one that’s totally locked into a fixed position (can never be changed, affirmed or influenced). Either way, I believe the truth lies in the middle and learning how to harness our strengths is the way to go. I’m glad to learn that you’ve been helping clients since 2003. Way to go!

    We are Blessed.


    • Hi Mark

      thank you for your positive and very honest opinion of what your mind can and does do.

      Yes, having a middle ground or even better a way to live 90% in the now focused on where you are heading is the way to achieve so much from life and being stuck sucks.

      I love working with people and the results bring me so much joy

      Go well and I look forward to connecting with you again Mark.

  8. Thanks a lot for sharing all this useful information about mind coach and the benefits of this amazing specialized area.
    Until I read your article, I thought that a mind coach is like a psychologist and can help you in the same way. I have seen many people who have a mind coach and I was even surprised about how they think and how openly they talk to the other people around them. I would really like to try and experience the knowledge of a mind coach. Thanks again for this and wish you all the best!

    • A mind coach is different to a psychologist. We work in the now,helping people remove blocks and barriers in the mind so they can move forward with confidence and inner strength.

      Thank you for stopping by and if you ever need help please reach out

  9. Many years ago while running a large and successful  business I had a mental block
    on how to proceed with a certain issue. I lost sleep and countless hours going over my problems and creating
    unnecessary worry for myself.
    At some time someone had dropped a flyer on my desk advertising a mind coach so I made the call and an appointment.

    I arrived at the appointment and David asked me what my problem was so I told him the details. He then asked for my solution, guess what, like a bolt out of the sky i was crystal clear on the problem mostly around procrastination.

    I said thanks Dave problem solved .

    I did however stay in his program for money months to learm much more about myself.

    Peter H

    • Hi Peter

      Good on you for sticking with the coaching even though you had a major breakthrough awareness.

      Procrastination is affecting so many people and the 21 Day Challenge and Turning Point 101 has the tools people need to overcome this and so much more

      I value your input, thank you, Peter and keep moving forward 

  10. It seems everyone that has a good positive look on life, started with a changed constructive mind. A good look at life. With all the difficult challenges we face today, I think all our minds need strengthen and help coping with an unknown future. (This covid-19 got folks going crazy!) Some people need more coaching than others to help them become positive thinkers in our society. These are challenging times! And the more help we get on strengthening our minds with good coaching, the better! 

    • Absolutely and I am excited for everyone that is aboard already and super excited about where my clients are going now they are on the 21-day challenge and Turning Point 101

      Thank you for your comment and support

      Go well

  11. Being in the midst of Coronavirus, and dealing with all the mental ‘stuff’ that comes with this, I was looking for ways that I could make changes to your website and I came across this article. It really has come at the perfect time, so thank you for posting this.

    I hadn’t considered a mind coach before, but I know how much better people succeed when they have support, instead of trying to work towards their goals on their own, so a mind coach is the perfect option. 

    I really like the approach of focusing on moving forwards and really dealing with the specifics of how the mind sets us up.

    Your programmes look so interesting, I think starting with the 21 day challenge is a great way forwards. I will certainly be looking at getting going with this, and then hopefully can transition to the Turning Point 101.

    Thank you for sharing  this, I know so many people will be finding this extremely helpful during these challenging times.

    • Hello Emma and congratulations!! You are ready and I am looking forward to working with you to move you to a place of mind freedom

      I will reply to your email shortly with more details and I look forward to connecting with you

      The 21 day challenge is a great start so let’s get this started for you

  12. Hi Vicki,

    You are right, our thoughts can make us or break us. I know the importance of coaching and mentoring but mind coaching is relatively very new to me and I got great insights from your article. I have read about the importance of reprogramming our subconscious mind. I am reading the book Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton so I can relate and realize the importance of mind coaching.

    Your article inspired and motivated me. Turning Point 101 is on my list and a walk-through on what we gonna learn is very helpful!

    • Hi Paul

      Bruce is such a great man and a fine educator with Mind work

      I am looking forward to working alongside you and look forward to your email

      Until then be awesome


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