Who are Mindshift to Mastery

Who are Mindshift to Mastery?

Hi and welcome to Mindshift to Mastery.

I’m Vicki Crawford, Mentor and Coach to people all over the world and I welcome you to Mindshift to Mastery and hope you benefit from your time spent here.

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About me

Back in the Days 🙂

Back in 1992, I began a journey in self Improvement. I remember the 1st book I read was “Women who Run with the Wolves” by Clarissa Pinkola Estees and it got in. I learned so much from this book and I was thirsty to learn more and I have studied from the greats in the Industry through Courses and all through those years, I have kept reading and some of the books I have read are remarkable and I will be sharing some as the site grows.

In 2002 I started my own offline business as a Personal Development Coach and here I am today, still doing what I love.

Life hasn’t been a party for me.

I grew up in a terribly dysfunctional family. Being adopted into this family taught me some incredibly hard lessons but also helped me to become fiercely independent and determined also with loads of empathy as my sister was severely disabled when I arrived in their family.

I always felt like I didn’t belong and was treated very differently than my adopted sister while we were growing up.

I understand why life was like it was and even though it was not easy, I had something inside me to keep going and music helped me a lot.

This could turn into a book, so I’ll move on…..

I played the guitar and wrote songs from a very early age and this helped to get out what was inside me, often sad songs when I think back.

A way to release the sadness from inside me.

I became a professional singer when I was 25 and this was my career for many years and I loved every minute of my life as a singer-Songwriter Entertainer but in 2006 it ended abruptly.

I became unwell while I was overseas in New Caledonia, singing at a Country Music Festival and had to fly home and cut my tour short.

Brain surgery was next on the list for me and this is when my new journey into Personal Development really took on a new and exciting meaning for me.

I could no longer be the Entertainer but I knew in my heart, I was meant to continue my work as a Mentor/Coach for people and this became my new life and I love it just as much today and I am as happy as I was when  I was singing.

Helping people fills my soul and every time I see someone move forward with their life it brings me joy.


It could have gone either way though. I could have decided to be angry, blameful and miserable with life, so how did I manage way back then to keep moving forward doing the best with what I had?

I’m not saying I haven’t been a rascal in my younger years because I have and enjoyed some fun and not so fun times- Lol, as we do growing up and I could have been a big drinker and drug user because it was all around me back in those younger days so why did I go on a different path?

I am a Mum of 2 gorgeous Kids and Grandmother of 3 awesome grandchildren and I live by the sea in a sleepy fishing town in New Zealand.

You’ll have to keep visiting to learn more……


You deserve the life you were born to live- Mindshift to MasteryYou were born unique and a wonderfully talented person who deserves to live your best life, and my job is to help you learn about how to master your mind so you can do anything you want to do with your life.



Some of you will be saying, Oh no, here we go again, same ole’ same ole’ but please stay because it’s different here at Mindshift To Mastery.

I’ve learned from the best and I have helped loads of people and will continue to do what I do because it works.

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Mission Statement

Mindshift to Mastery is Personal Development with Excellence through Communication, Empathy and most of all Integrity.

My mission is to work with as many as people possible to encourage every person I interact with to become the best version of themselves, through the processes I teach and by working alongside each other.”

Action, Transition and Transformation

This is what we do here at Mindshift to Mastery and I look forward to connecting with you to help you move forward and transform your life.

Say the Statement Below Outloud

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

Vicki Crawford








P.S. The Mindshift to Mastery Program is pretty darn cool so email me with MTM Program in the subject bar.


See you all again soon.

8 thoughts on “Who are Mindshift to Mastery?”

  1. You have explained how you got into Mindshift to Mastery very well. I love anything to do with the healthy mindset so this is a great topic for me. Many people will be intrigued to learn more from you. You sound like you know an awful lot about it because of your life expectancies.

    Books are a great way of learning more. 

    This is a subject that many can learn positive things from.

    • Hi Lisa and thank you for your kind words here.

      I have worked very hard for over 20 years in the Industry of Personal Development and continue to grow every day as we do.

      I love helping people of all ages and walks of life from all around the world and I am really enjoying connecting with these people

      Good to connect with you also 

      Go well and thanks again for stopping by

  2. Hey you are awesome. I am intrigued with your approach to life and things. Filling yourself with serving others is a theme interesting to me. I am recentl COVID-19 employmentally challenged so I cannot afford to attend your Zoomdig (think Shindig) but might be interested in hearing how you’ve persevered, overcome and share those tools.

    Thank you for the innvitation and for sharing your heart for those also determined acheving more than wandering in this earth. CQ.

    • Hey CQ and thank you- You are pretty awesome yourself you know. 🙂
      I have sung around a lot of the earth but no wandering aimlessly that’s for sure.
      Yes, I will be sharing some great tools to use and also some stories of what I have overcome also but I really want to focus on helping more people through the courses we have available and the other courses we will be adding as we develop the site more
      I hope you clicked the allow button to receive our updates Christopher and I wish you well

  3. Dear Vicki,

    So impressed with your statement, as you are a woman of many gifts and talents and share freely of your experience in helping others.

    You have been an inspiration to me~

    Well done!

  4. Good evening Vicki,

    Reading your life story, I can see it was not a bed of roses. Some hard lessons came your way. These experiences have shaped you and made you grow into an understanding and loving person. Now you are capable of helping other people who struggle in life by being their coach. I think that is beautiful.

    Sending you good and heartfelt wishes.


    • Hi Taetske
      Thank you so much for your kindness and for connecting with me here in Mindshift to Mastery
      Yes, life certainly gave me a lot of challenges to overcome and over the past 20 years studying and helping people, it feels so great to extend more services
      Thank you and blessings


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